It’s 2020, Why Bother?

One of my favorite ways to celebrate the holidays and birthdays is through photo cards of the kids. This year I almost said why bother but I caught myself in that thought, recognizing the same depleting feeling that most of 2020 has brought to my chest. I had already forwent photo cards for their birthdays. All the more reason to do them… especially this year. I love everything about designing them and selecting the photos that give me pause to reflect just who they are in this moment. These cards tell the story of so many things we are grateful for now and throughout the past year. Look how much they have grown, how far they have come, and how proud we are of who they are growing to be. As they have gotten older, they even help pick out the phots we use. I keep one birthday card and holiday card each year for their memory boxes and then we grab the stamps and get to work. I absolutely love this return address stamper for anyone who is looking for one. An awesome holiday gift for neighbors and friends as well.

As I become more purposeful in how I spend our family’s income, I am always looking for businesses that give back to our world in some way. Over the past number of years, I have used Paper Culture for our photo cards. They are currently running a 40% off holiday card sale through November 18th. They are committed to planting a tree for every order and leaving the planet a better place than we found it. It’s hard to imagine one tree making all that much of a difference, but that’s what is so awesome about when we do something that seems small, together it makes a huge impact.

We got into this climate crisis by many small choices across the globe and that’s just how we will begin to repair the damage. We have been talking to the kids about this using literature like The Lorax (which is also a movie) and through the stories of courageous world changing people like Jane Goodall. I love the “Who is/was” series for kiddos. Here is Who Is Jane Goodall?.

Understanding the science behind it is a good start but sounds complicated. I promise you that it is not too early to start the conversations with your kids. I firmly believe that this discussion at a young age just might make all of the difference. A perfect place to start is with the science behind trees. Children connect strongly with trees in the neighborhood and in their own backyards. Maybe you don’t know a whole lot of the science behind trees and I have an excellent book for that. It’s called Can You Hear the Trees Talking? by Peter Wohlleben. There is a kids version AND an adult version. Maybe, just maybe if we understood the stories of the trees, connected long enough to listen, we can change the world one tree at a time.

Want to do more? Check out Jane Goodall’s program for kids called Roots and Shoots. Encourage them to get active and passionate too!


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